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50 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 15th May, 2020 Instagram Stories have become an invaluable channel for individuals & brands – half a billion people utilize them on a daily basis. As enjoyable as scrolling through Stories can be, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create Stories and make them work for your brand. With Stories, you have the

Snapchat Advertising: A guide for beginners

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 4th May, 2020 The dog filter with fluffy ears has always delighted the Snapchat community. And Facebook and Instagram also imitate the successful concept of the filter lenses. But what place does Snapchat advertising take alongside its competitors in the advertising industry?     Snapchat advertising inclu

Use time, consider strategies

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 5th Apr, 2020 For the future, experts agree that things in the travel industry will not continue exactly as they were before the crisis. In the initial phase, when people are allowed to go out again, the chance that travel agencies and hotels could act as leisure advisors. After all, the need to travel will still be

The popular “With Me” video format is currently in greater demand than usual.

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 31st Mar, 2020 While users stay at home, the number of views of videos depicting everyday activities in the home is increasing. “Get ready with me”, “Study with me”, “Clean with me” and so on: YouTube shows a rapid increase in “With me” videos while most users spend the

Lunch break in Corona times? Try Video Lunch Date

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 23rd Mar, 2020 Time at home is full of possibilities – even things that would be unthinkable in the office. If you are stuck in your home office, you should look for creative ways to make your lunch break and workday creative Corona here, Corona there – the topic currently dominates both our private lives

Who benefits from the corona crisis?

Posted by: Ines Georgescu | On: 20th Mar, 2020 Some countries have already imposed a curfew,  too, those who are able to do so work from their home office. While the retail and catering sectors are suffering most, others are gaining from the Corona crisis. Due to the leisure time now spent in the home, the use of streaming services such as Netflix

Introducing Adam Barratt to Tenerife, Canary PR & the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Posted by: Adam Barratt | On: 25th Mar, 2019 I’m now 3 weeks into my little adventure on the island of eternal spring, that is to say the quite exquisite Canary Island of Tenerife. I am also the newest member of the Canary PR team having joined John Beckley on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme and it’s high time I introduced mysel

Why it’s so Important for Your Brand to be Authentic on Social Media

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 24th Mar, 2019 In today’s world of marketing, authenticity is becoming increasingly essential to your brand’s success. Today’s consumers don’t want your brand’s corporate message pushed on them and they don’t need to listen. Due to the huge digital revolution that has occurred in the last decade which is

My “Proper” Job – Where Content is King

Posted by: Nance Larkin | On: 15th Jan, 2019 I sat in a cafe today with a coffee chatting to a friend I’d not seen for a while, when she started telling me all about a new cafe bar she’d seen on Instagram. “The food looks so fresh and delicious!” She told me, “And it’s Italian food made by Italians! I’m definitely going to […

How To Increase The ROI Of Your Hotel Social Media Marketing

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 14th Dec, 2018 Recently, John Beckley gave a successful presentation at Hotel Suite Villa Maria here in Tenerife about what is the return on investment (ROI) of social media for travel and tourism brands, such as hotels, resorts and excursion companies. Many brands are increasingly starting to realise they need to in