Canary PR Personal Branding Course

Following on from the success of our recent Personal Branding Social Media Masterclass held at Hotel Suite Villa Maria we are pleased to announce that we will be running an exclusive one day Personal Branding workshop.

The Masterclass offered an introduction to the benefits of developing your online personal brand, but of course it only really scratched the surface of how to achieve this and what steps you need to take. Due to the strong interest in this topic from those that attended, plus follow up questions and inquiries, we felt the time is absolutely right to offer an exclusive in-depth workshop in which we really go in-depth about how to develop and maintain a strong online personal brand.

Because we want to personalize this experience for those that decide to sign up as much as possible, this will be limited to 10 people (minimum 5 people). With this more limited number of people we can really focus on each of you and give you the best personalized advice possible, in order to best meet your individual needs.

Course Schedule:

Morning – More generalized group talk about setting up your personal brand using each of the main social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) and a strategy session to discuss how to use these platforms for your personal brand.

Lunch (Food and Drinks)

Afternoon – Personalized sessions with each attendee discussing individual aims and goals and a strategy for correctly using each social platform for your individual needs. We will breakdown in-depth exactly how to use the main social media platforms and how to get the best out of each one. Social Media is a blanket term, but to get the best out of each platform you really have to understand how each works.

Don’t worry if you “don’t get Twitter”, don’t yet understand how to create an Instagram story, or create a professional LinkedIn profile, by the end of this day you will have the skills to succeed on each of these and more. While social media platforms come and go (remember Myspace, Bebo or Hi5?), the fundamental truth remains that understanding how to create a compelling online Personal Brand is increasingly important in today’s fast paced and constantly changing world.

On hand there will be:
Professional Social Media Strategist – John Dale Beckley
Professional Copywriter and Social Media Manager – Simon Emilio Turkas
Professional Photographer – Kate Michelle Conti

As mentioned earlier this course will be limited to 10 people and is on a first come, first served basis. Once the places are filled, we are sorry to say we will not be able to accept any more people onto the course.


Date – Thursday 17th May 2018
Time – 9am – 5pm
Location – Hotel Suite Villa Maria
Price – 150 euros/person

The price includes:

– Group and individual training sessions
– Professional profile and header photos for your different social media channels
– A professionally written description for your social media profiles
– SEO advice about how to get your web pages and social media profiles to rank more highly in the search engines, thus boosting the exposure of your personal brand
– Access to our exclusive private Canary PR Facebook group in which you can ask questions and we will share useful information
– General support and engagement with your social media posts for 1 month after the workshop
– Lunch of which there is an option for non-vegetarians and vegetarians as shown in the menus below:

Non-Vegetarian Menu:

Vegetarian Menu:

There are still those that believe social media is just Facebook and that social media is something new. Many of these platforms are over 10 years old and we are now moving into the world of AI, Augmented Reality and even Virtual Reality. It is foolish to bury your head in the sand and think this will all go away, because clearly things are just getting started in the digital world. Just remember there were those that once doubted the importance of computers, the internet, email and smartphones. Don’t get stuck in the past, help us to develop your personal brand and bring you greater personal and professional success!

To sign up for the course contact John Beckley today:
Email –
Phone – +34 639 702 649
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