How to Easily Combine In-House with Outsourced Digital Marketing

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 19th Feb, 2018 Your brand can simply not afford to neglect digital marketing, such as social media, photos, videos and blog posts. As your marketing team has no doubt already realised, the power of social media as a tool to help promote your brand to a global audience is undeniable. Social networks such as Twitter, F

Why Your Brand Needs Valuable Digital Content Now

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 13th Feb, 2018 To be noticed in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is vital to produce and share valuable digital content in order for your company or personal brand to be noticed. Valuable content is what differentiates an outstanding brand from a mediocre one which can make a huge differenc

How And Why You Should Encourage All Of Your Team To Be Active On Social Media

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 19th Jan, 2018 Social media has now existed for more than a decade in its current form and continues to become increasingly popular year after year. Across the globe the number of social media users is predicted to rise to 2.62 billion this year and over 3 billion by 2021, with approximately 71% of worldwide internet

Successful Social Media Masterclass For Real Estate Agents

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 24th Nov, 2017 Recently, Canary PR held the second Social Media Masterclass at the superb Hotel Suite Villa María in Tenerife. This was a follow up to the first session which was held a month earlier at the same venue. Once again this was presented by Canary PR founder and digital marketing specialist, John Beckley.

Successful Launch of Canary PR Social Media Masterclass Sessions

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 18th Oct, 2017 This week saw the successful launch of the Canary PR social media masterclass sessions, presented by digital marketing specialist and founder of Canary PR, John Beckley. The session had plenty of excellent insights about the benefits of social media marketing for attendees, with both a general overview

8 ways Tourist Boards Should Take Charge of Marketing their Holiday Destinations

Posted by: John Beckley | On: 2nd Feb, 2016 Tourism marketing – whose job is it? A tourist board, of course, is there to promote its local destination and attract as many visitors as possible. But what about the actual marketing? Good question. It is tempting for tourist boards to leave the marketing work almost completely up to tour operators

What is the Job of a Hotel Community Manager?

Posted by: John Beckley | On: 2nd Feb, 2016 Find out what it takes to be a great hotel community manager or hire one for your hotel   Social media marketing and engagement used to be what we call ‘bathroom business’ – something that a hotel’s staff could do in their downtime, a few minutes at a go, even while on the toil

Marketing Smarter and Rebuilding Timeshare’s Image by Forging Meaningful Social Media Relationships with Owners and Guests

Posted by: John Beckley | On: 2nd Feb, 2016 An open letter to the RDO and European Timeshare industry It’s no secret that the timeshare sector has long had an image and marketing problem. A timeshare study done some time ago showed that while 80% of customers were happy with their product, the same percentage of people were not happy with the

Boost your Social Media Marketing with a Successful Internship Program

Posted by: John Beckley | On: 2nd Feb, 2016 We cannot stress enough how important it is for a hotel community manager to train the rest of the hotel staff and actively involve them in the hotel’s social media outreach efforts. People who have a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the hotel are naturally at a huge advantage and will probably

Alessandro Degasperi and Diana Riesler won the 24th Ironman Lanzarote

Posted by: John Beckley | On: 24th May, 2015 More than 1,600 participants gathered for the Ironman Lanzarote 2015 to face the challenges that the Lanzarote course has to offer. Both, the athletes and the audience enjoyed the day, where nothing was for sure until the last moment.  The strong wind and the sun during the bike course did not make it