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About Canary PR

Canary PR is a Digital Creative Agency focused on the new rules of Digital Marketing and Content Creation. Work with Canary PR and count on a marketing team with over 25 years of combined experience in social media marketing, community building, copywriting and web design. When results matter, the team you pick matters most. With Canary PR, you can be assured that you are picking the right team for your digital marketing success.

Work with Canary PR and count on a marketing team with over 25 years of combined experience in copywriting, community building and social media marketing.

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John Dale Beckley

John BeckleyJohn is a Digital Marketing professional specialising in resort and hotel marketing. He is a highly positive person, and is passionate about enhancing the way businesses (especially in the travel industry) operate in order to provide the best possible guest experience, while also creating an excellent environment for staff to flourish in.

Between February 2012 – March 2016, John worked as digital marketing manager at Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote, where his complete overhaul of their online marketing practices helped boost reservations by 30% and won praise from marketing guru Neal Schaffer, as well as the ValuableContent.co.uk 2014 Gold Award.

He previously spent 15 years running his own web design and online marketing company, specialising in SEO and social media.
John also has over 20 years’ work experience in the timeshare industry, having served as contracts manager and digital marketing manager.

John has spent much of the past 15 years marketing hotels and resorts and training their staff in SEO and social media best practices.

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Simon Emilio Turkas

Simon is a travel and lifestyle blogger, with a growing following and influence on Social Media. He is passionate about travel and helping to promote positivity throughout the world, by helping to inspire others to enjoy amazing travel destinations, advice on a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by promoting worthy causes.

Simon believes that travel is one of the best things anyone can do in life, as it literally expands your horizons, opening your eyes and mind to new cultures, experiences and places. He enjoys writing, photography and film-making, fitness, eating delicious (vegan) food and drinking copious amounts of coffee!





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Nikoletta Szabo

Nikoletta SzabóNikoletta is an Inbound Marketing Specialist, Founder of Rocketing, an Online Marketing Agency based in Hungary. She is specialized in social media, content marketing, SEO and marketing automations. She loves creating original content and engage with companies, who are aiming to nurture their business.

Her passions are traveling and sustainability that she also tries to incorporate into her business by promoting sustainable companies around the world, that leave a positive impact on our society.

She is looking to travel the world and network with inspirational people, who like to think outside the box.

Her hobbies include reading, sports, healthy eating, tasting gourmet dishes and spending valuable time with her loved ones.


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Juliane Nendel

Juliane NendelJuliane Nendel is a professional Life Coach specialized in holistic healing helping individuals and teams to reconnect with their higher purpose.

Juliane is passionate about empowering others; helping people gain a greater understanding of who they are and how their mind works to improve behaviour patterns which prevent them from getting the results they want – transforming them into what they DO WANT!
Born and raised in Germany, Juliane has called the beautiful island of Tenerife her home since she moved there in 2003. Previously having worked in the hotel hospitality service for many years, she considers herself a “True People Person”, empathetically focusing on finding the solutions to people’s problems.
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Sophia Lavrov

Sophia Lavrov

Sophia is a professional photographer from Italy. She has a vast experience in event, wedding and portrait photography, achieved during her travels.

She is passionate about capturing the natural beauty of people and every moment, and always makes people smile before she presses the shutter. Her amazing knowledge about photography makes all of her photos stand out from the crowd.

She likes meeting with new people and challanging herself in new projects, as these experiences make her grow as an individual and as a professional photographer at the same time. She is a real energy-bomb and a person who makes great plans and scenarios that she also uses on her photos to tell a story.



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Dario Cavallo

Dario Cavallo

Dario is a videomaker, who has a demonstrated work experience in the film industry as a director and cameraman.

He seizes every moment to make people smile with his funny comments, while capturing the vibe of the moment with his gear.

He created numerous videos for weddings, events, excursion companies, golf clubs and other companies specialized in the tourist and hotel industry.

He is looking to broaden his reach by telling a story through his videos. He likes networking, trying out new things, and exploring the beauty of this word. He prefers to go with the flow, and to make the best out of all opportunities that he encounters with.


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