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Canary PR is a Digital Creative Agency focused on the new rules of Digital Marketing and Content Creation.

Disruption is a reality …we can’t escape it but we can prepare our companies to adapt and evolve. In today’s world, new rules win. We have seen countless examples of businesses that were once industry leaders which failed to adapt to changing times (Kodak, Nokia and Blackberry to name a few). These of course have been overtaken and superseded by companies willing to adapt.

No industry is safe; you just need to look at the huge disruption that has occurred from companies like AirBnb, Uber and Netflix which have completely shaken up different industries.

  • Smartphone Usage: By 2018, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world. Along with smartphone ownership, there has been a huge shift in internet use.
  • Mobile First: Your brand needs to think mobile first, rather than mobile as an afterthought. At the end of 2016, mobile web-browsing overtook desktop for the first time, with global mobile and tablet browsing accounting for 51.3% versus the desktop’s 48.7%. This divide is only set to increase which is why you must refocus.
  • Online Video Content leading the way:  If online video content is not the top priority of your content marketing strategy, then your brand will be left behind. “Social video generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined.” As well as this, by 2021, video will represent 82 percent of all web traffic. Can your brand really afford to ignore this?
  • Return on Engagement: With the Digital Transformation that is happening everywhere, including massive changes (smartphone use, mobile internet, video content, social media usage), there needs to be a shift in thinking from businesses from R.O.I to Return On Engagement. Greater Engagement on your brand’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat), blog and website, equates into greater brand exposure and ultimately increasing sales.
  • Employee Advocacy: To greater enable this shift, there also needs to be a major change in company mindset and policy from the top which includes Employee Advocacy. This means that more of your team, other than just your marketing team need to be encouraged to get involved in posting content on social media. This will include trusting your team to be able to make decisions and sometimes make mistakes.
  • Authenticity: Content Creation and Social Media is not a perfect artform, but it has been shown that this is not what consumers want. People crave authenticity and if your brand has an authentic voice and is prepared to make mistakes, then your followers will trust you more and become your customers.
  • Co Promotion: Along with this authenticity, it is becoming increasingly obvious that consumers are no longer interested in your brand trying to push sales down their throats. This is why people use ad-blockers when browsing the net and are opting to use Netflix which has no adverts. Instead you must create valuable content which can also including co promotion and sharing content from other brands, businesses and organisations. Your followers will see you are not just chasing sales, but giving them value which in turn increases trust.

Work with Canary PR and count on a marketing team with over 25 years of combined experience in copywriting, community building and social media marketing.

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John Dale Beckley

John Dale Beckley

John is a Digital Marketing professional specialising in resort and hotel marketing. He is a highly positive person, and is passionate about enhancing the way businesses (especially in the travel industry) operate in order to provide the best possible guest experience, while also creating an excellent environment for staff to flourish in.

Between February 2012 – March 2016, John worked as digital marketing manager at Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote, where his complete overhaul of their online marketing practices helped boost reservations by 30% and won praise from marketing guru Neal Schaffer, as well as the ValuableContent.co.uk 2014 Gold Award.

He previously spent 15 years running his own web design and online marketing company, specialising in SEO and social media.
John also has over 20 years’ work experience in the timeshare industry, having served as contracts manager and digital marketing manager.

John has spent much of the past 15 years marketing hotels and resorts and training their staff in SEO and social media best practices.

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Simon Emilio Turkas

Simon Emilio Turkas

Simon is a travel and lifestyle blogger, with a growing following and influence on Social Media. He is passionate about travel and helping to promote positivity throughout the world, by helping to inspire others to enjoy amazing travel destinations, advice on a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by promoting worthy causes.

Simon believes that travel is one of the best things anyone can do in life, as it literally expands your horizons, opening your eyes and mind to new cultures, experiences and places. He enjoys writing, photography and filmmaking, fitness, eating delicious (vegan) food and drinking copious amounts of coffee!

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Kate Michelle Conti

Kate Michelle Conti

Born and raised in Italy between Genova and Bologna, after University I moved to Lanzarote to cultivate my hobby for photography. There, I started to work for a surf school as a photographer, specializing in Surf Photography and after that, I worked in a Four Star Hotel as a photographer for families and children. At the same time, during my free time, I started to take online Marketing and Photography courses to improve my skills.

In May 2017, after more of 6 months of effort, I’ve launched my blog-site theitalianchica.com , inspired by Lanzarote: in fact, I wrote a guide based on my experiences, fully filled with landscape pictures that I took around this beautiful island. I’ve also created a YouTube Channel, where I upload my videos around Lanzarote and other islands of the Canarian archipelago.

At the beginning of 2018 I moved to Tenerife and started to work with Canary PR with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program.
My aim is to travel and explore the world more with my camera, keeping my home in the amazing Canary Islands!

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Matt Higgins  – Website Developer

Matt Higgins

Matt is a passionate Digital Designer and Creative Developer based in Tenerife. Usability is key with all of Matt’s designs, and he’s constantly looking to create intriguing and concept enhancing interactions that remain intuitive for the user.

He’s obsessed with details, and feels strongly about the importance and benefits of prototyping during the design stage of a project. Matt has a love for typography, which has him constantly looking for ways to improve the typographic nature of the digital space. He runs his own web development company in Tenerife: 1412.

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Katy Louise Mawson  – Translator

Katy Louise Mawson

Kate has lived in the Canaries since the age of 7, integrating into the Spanish culture and developing the ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently. She now provides an Online Translation Service serving clients near and far quickly and efficiently.

She is an avid traveller, enjoying experiencing the different cultures and traditions that the world has on offer. She runs her own Translation Company in Lanzarote: Red Translations.

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