We are one of the leading Social Media Marketing Agencies in the Canary Islands, focused on helping local businesses grow online. We help increase leads and sales for businesses through social media selling. Let us be your Social Media Manager.

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Whatever help your company needs in social media, we have the expertise and experience, from photography and video, to creative writing and community management. This is not about Social Media but about a change in the way we communicate, Social Selling starts here.



Our Digital Creative Agency is focused on the new rules of Digital Marketing and Content Creation, by offering services that many other agencies have neglected. In this way Canary PR stands out from the crowd and will help your brand succeed in today’s crowded market space.


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Curious about the latest social media digital marketing trends & strategies? Read our digital marketing blog and find insights from industry thought leaders and case studies from in and around the Canary Islands including Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential and Far from Over

Posted by: Tania Lawrence | On: 8th Jun, 2019

So email is dead. No one uses it any more, right? Well, maybe I can convince you to re- evaluate that. Yes, there’s social media, SEO and video and they all work well and are

Canary PR team

Achieve Social Media Success by Avoiding Complacency

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 17th May, 2019

The world of social media, digital marketing and technology moves extremely fast and from all indications is only set to increase in rapidly evolving and advancing. You only have t

Why the Digital Customer Experience is Now so Important

Posted by: Simon Turkas | On: 10th Apr, 2019

All around us we can see evidence of the incredible digital transformation that is taking place across our lives. While understandably this change is stronger in the West, it can b

4 New Trends for Online Marketing in 2020 & Beyond

Posted by: William Pointing | On: 18th Jul, 2019

A career in digital marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping an eye on trends outside of your day job is crucial, as your role is very likely not to exist in 10 years’ time


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